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Gavi, The Vaccine Alliance

Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance, is a public-private partnership committed to saving children's lives and protecting people's health by increasing equitable use of vaccines in lower-income countries. The Vaccine Alliance brings together developing country and donor governments, the World Health Organisation, UNICEF, the World Bank, the vaccine industry, technical agencies, civil society, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and other private sector partners. This is a complex alliance ecosystem. Gavi uses innovative finance mechanisms, including co-financing by recipient countries, to secure sustainable funding and adequate supply of quality vaccines. Gavi brings together the public and private sectors with the shared goal of creating equal access to new and underused vaccines for children living in the poorest countries.


Gavi is committed to working with their partners to protect the next generation and realise their mission to save lives, reduce poverty and protect the world against the threat of epidemics. Since 2000, Gavi has contributed to the immunisation of over 888 million children and the prevention of more than 15 million future deaths. At the Global Vaccine Summit in June 2020, world leaders pledged more than $8.8bn (exceeding their initial target) to ensure Gavi can continue to amplify this work and immunise another 300 million children by 2025.


Gavi is co-leading COVAX, the Covid Vaccine Delivery Programme, with the Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations (CEPI), UNICEF and the World Health Organisation (WHO), alongside key delivery partner UNICEF. Its aim is to accelerate the development and manufacture of COVID-19 vaccines, and to guarantee fair and equitable access for every country in the world, with emphasis on the developing economies for those most in need. As the pandemic emergency recedes COVAX will continue to be integrated into the core mission of Gavi.


In June 2019, the Gavi Board approved a new five-year strategy (“Gavi 5.0”) with a vision of “Leaving no one behind with immunisation”. This includes working within Gavi’s mission to save lives and protect people’s health by increasing equitable and sustainable use of vaccines. Gavi continues to drive towards this original mission.

Building on successes of the previous strategic periods, Gavi 5.0 has several key shifts to deliver on its mission, including:

  • A core focus on reaching “zero-dose” children and missed communities, with equity as the organising principle
  • More differentiated, tailored and targeted approaches for Gavi-eligible countries
  • An increased focus on programmatic sustainability
  • Providing limited catalytic support for immunisation and select vaccine introduction in lower middle-income countries


Across all of its work, Gavi seeks to make missed communities, especially those within the implementing countries and developing economies, its priority.


While the Gavi Secretariat oversees the day-to-day operations of the Vaccine Alliance, the Board is responsible for giving strategic direction and policy-making. The Board oversees the operations of the Vaccine Alliance and monitors programme implementation.


The Board is comprised of 18 “representative” seats, 9 seats for independent or “unaffiliated” individuals and one seat for Gavi's CEO. The Board’s representative seats ensure that institutions and constituencies can provide formal input into the development of all Gavi’s policies and the management of its operations.

UNICEF, WHO, the World Bank and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation hold permanent seats on the Board. Constituency representatives serve on a time-limited basis from both the public and private sector.

Independent Board members are private individuals with no professional connection to Gavi’s work. They bring independent and balanced scrutiny to all of the Board’s deliberations. These individuals also provide expertise in a number of critical areas such as investment, auditing and fundraising.


You can find further details on their website https://www.Gavi.org.

Role purpose

The transition to a new CEO comes at a pivotable moment for Gavi. It is growing and reorganising to sustainably deliver on its core portfolio, delivering essential vaccines to those most in need. The next CEO, due to be appointed in mid-2023, will be tasked with leading the organisation to invigorate, lead and manage the Gavi Alliance, while navigating an increasingly complex funding landscape. Evolving Gavi’s business model with innovative financing will be critical if economic volatility continues to increase and ODA funding becomes scarcer. While challenging, these considerations contain opportunity for Gavi, together with its partners across the Alliance, to scale its impact.


The CEO is accountable for all aspects of GAVI’s activities. This means the CEO works with the Board to create the strategy for the Alliance and is accountable for all external facing activities including fundraising, and the day-to-day operations to ensure GAVI’s fiduciary responsibilities are met.

Externally, the CEO must clearly articulate, embody, build and shape the organisation’s strategy and mission, building confidence and momentum among implementing countries, donors, regional organisations and donors alike. Maintaining strong relationships and communicating clearly to these constituencies will be critical as the Alliance navigates complex challenges. Internally, the CEO must play a key role in managing and motivating staff. After a long period of managing COVID response in addition to the vital core portfolio, a future leader is sought who can articulate and implement Gavi’s future vision and mission.


This role holds a unique opportunity: As Gavi navigates a critical inflection point, the organisation seeks a candidate with passion, energy, and devotion to Gavi’s mission who can creatively build on Gavi’s successes and lead the organisation into its next chapter, leading Gavi’s role in the Alliance, building investment and impact. The Gavi Board is keen to engage with a broad range of diverse candidates in this search process. It will look favourably on candidates that have experience relevant to developing the future scenarios for Gavi’s work and planning and structuring the organisation to address them.


Duties and Responsibilities

Areas of Accountability

Areas of accountability are defined here as the primary roles and responsibilities of the CEO. The CEO will be responsible for the following:

Set and Achieve Organisational Strategy and Vision: While the Board is ultimately responsible for the strategy for Gavi, the CEO must develop or refine strategic direction and objectives with contribution and support from key stakeholders across the Alliance focusing on implementing countries, donors, partners, and other stakeholders. This includes taking into account potential risks to the organisation.

Alliance Relationship Management:  Ability to engage with a wide range of stakeholders and forge strong relationships with people from diverse backgrounds and institutions. Will bring strong sectoral knowledge of key players.

Organisational Management and Culture: Ensure that the organisation is led and managed efficiently and effectively and that the design is clear with accurate roles, responsibilities, and areas of accountability. Make and communicate clear and proactive decisions that consider competing priorities. Provide framework for cascading information and knowledge to each member of the organisation. Motivate and align staff, sharing future vision for the organisation and the Alliance as a whole.

Resource Mobilisation: Develop and implement fundraising systems and strategies that enable the organisation to meet its financial development goals and carry out its programs and operations.   Maintains vital donor relationships and effectively addresses challenges emerging from changing donor trends and address competition for funds appropriately.

Fiscal Responsibility: The CEO will meet fiduciary responsibilities expected of a CEO including effective risk management through the identification of risks facing GAVI and the mitigation of those risks and appropriately ensuring an effective system of internal control.

The CEO will possess a deep understanding of the sources of funding and the geopolitical environment that his/her network will encompass.


Core Competencies

Competencies are defined here as the related knowledge, abilities, skills, experiences, and behaviours around how the candidate will perform their duties and responsibilities. These competencies will inform approach and scope of future performance management.

Strategic and Visionary Leadership: Able to articulate the organisation’s vision and roadmap and how it will be achieved connecting the high-level messages with tactical approaches and activities creating clear direction both internally and externally. Mobilises action internally and among partners to advance shared interest and achieve objectives.  Brings a clear understanding of the current and future needs Gavi can and should fill in the immediate term and the future. The right candidate will possess knowledge of change management and resilience, working collaboratively in a global organisation.

Knowledge of the Geo-political Environment and Diplomacy Skills: Works within and across a diverse, dynamic, and distributed set of priorities, negotiating respectfully and effectively to make decisions that are well-understood and widely supported. Builds trust and confidence across a range of stakeholders with experience at senior government levels in the emerging economies.

Knowledge of and Commitment to Global Health: Knowledge of global heath architecture throughout both public and private sectors, key players within each sector, civil society and understanding of the essential roles of the private sector and pharma in achieving Gavi’s mission.

Communication: Strong written and verbal communication skills are essential, across cultures.  Clearly communicates messages appropriately for the varying audiences working with Gavi. Serves as a clear advocate for Gavi and the Alliance, building the network, position, and influence of the organisation.

Results-Oriented: Converts vision to achievable and actionable plans. Can be shown to be a proven implementer of strategy. Mobilises people and resources towards outcomes ensuring they are supported and continue to be motivated by the Gavi mission.

Adaptable / Flexible: Able to manage change by integrating new information, seeking innovation, weighing trade-offs, prioritizing, and communicating effectively in response to evolving circumstances. Looks for ways to learn and improve individually and organisationally.

Integrity: Leads by example and builds trust by adhering to the highest standards of ethical conduct, and accountability.

Financial and Operations Expertise: Works closely with members of the management team to plan budgets and has ultimate responsibility for the fiscal and operational health of the organisation.


Key clients and stakeholders:

  • Gavi-eligible countries
  • Gavi Secretariat
  • WHO
  • The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation
  • The World Bank
  • Pharmaceutical manufacturers
  • Government policy makers, international development agencies
  • Civil Society
  • The Global Fund
  • Researchers, advocates, and other stakeholders


Education, Qualifications & Experience

  • Knowledge of the global health architecture and landscape
  • Experience overseeing and orchestrating resource development activities, securing contributions and raising funds
  • Educated to MA/MSc level or above
  • Track record in implementation working in developing economies
  • Financial management experience at scale; planning of future scenarios
  • Experience in change and organisational management
  • Experience in working with fragile states or post-conflict states in developing economies
  • Experience in running a complex global organisation
  • Diplomatic leader with the ability to motivate and invigorate a growing and diverse staff
  • Diversity, equity, and inclusion experience and understanding working across developed and developing economies
  • Experience working alongside boards of directors on strategy and good governance or knowledge and experience around non-profit governance best practices



  • Fluency in written and spoken English
  • Additional language capability is desired


Terms of Appointment

This is a full-time position with an initial 3-year term, with renewable possibility. Salary is competitive and commensurate with qualifications and experience.  It is remunerated at Senior Level 8 at Gavi, with a generous benefits package.


Interest from qualified candidates representing developing economies will be welcomed.


Role Location: Geneva, Switzerland


How to Apply

If you wish to be considered for this position, please complete the Application Form below on or before 9th September 2022. In addition, we encourage you to please attach a copy of the most recent English version of your CV.


All information will be treated in the strictest confidence.


If you have an initial query rather than an application, kindly email us at Gavi-CEO@SRI-executive.com.


SRI Executive is exclusively retained by GAVI to undertake this assignment.

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